Private Brand
Conventional Goji Berry
Low Pesticide Goji Berry
Free Pesticides Goji
Certificate Organic Goji
Black Goji Berry
Goji Raw Juice
Goji Juice Concentrate
Goji Berry Extract
Goji Powder
Goji Seed oil
Organic Goji Products
IQF goji berry
Goji Leaf Tea
Goji Sprout Tea
Goji Clear Juice
Goji berry seeds
Black Goji berry seeds
Black Goji Berry Extract
Black Goji Powder
Freeze Dried Black Goji Berries
Freeze Dried Red Goji Berry

We are show you goji berry growth, production, test processing, we better because we are more professional  

  Sampling by worker                                                                       Operation before crop
Our Goji Berry Planting Base

 Growing Goji   
 New Crop Goji Berry  
 Picking and Clean Fresh Goji  
 Sun & Mathine Dry Goji  
 Colour sorter  Classify the grade of berries
 Electrostatic separation to remove hair   Pass Metal Detector
 Manual Picking raw material  Laboratory testing
 Inside Carton Package


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